Deciding Whether to Delay or Pay for Medical Appointments

Deciding Whether to Delay or Pay for Medical Appointments

Major medical bills cause many people to neglect to see a doctor when a health issue arises. The high costs of medical bills make many people delay medical appointments during difficult economic times, and this may actually lead to worsening medical conditions that end up costing even more money. Exploring why this happens and all potential solutions may help, however, if your medical debt is overwhelming, then try contacting a Chattanooga bankruptcy lawyer for guidance.


Many people already know how much the general public is struggling to afford medical bills. These healthcare cost challenges impact about half of the adults in the United States, even adults who are covered by health insurance. This leads many people to put off follow-up medical appointments and recommended tests or specialist visits.

When you add up the costs of copays, medications, medical tests, and traveling expenses to specialists who are located far away, it becomes expensive to manage one medical problem alone. If a test fails to reveal the cause of the medical problem, this can be frustrating and feel like a waste of money. Health insurance does not cover every test and may only cover small percentages of the cost.

What all of this leads to is avoidance of seeing a doctor until the last minute. The last minute is often when medical conditions become worse, often with greater expenses. Knowing how to prepare for and overcome medical expenses might offer a solution.


One of the most effective ways to offset medical costs is health insurance. When people hear about health insurance, they often think about how much the monthly bill will be. However, the practical benefits of health insurance are often overlooked as a result.

Imagining what bills could result without the help of health insurance can be a powerful motivator. Medical bills for one hospital stay or emergency room visit alone can cripple someone financially. Health insurance offers a financial cushion to reduce the amount of money spent on these services. The downside is the monthly payment for insurance, but the benefit is financial security.

There are also smart ways to cut medical expenses that can help, with or without insurance. To save money on medications, try using GoodRX, which offers free discounts on medicine. Ask your doctor for cheaper alternatives for tests, medications, and treatments.

Do not hesitate to explain your financial situation to your healthcare professional. Some medical professionals will provide affordable options for treatment and for paying bills. Research ways to improve your health to reduce the chances of future medical problems. Consider exploring government programs that offer financial assistance for medical bills.


You may not have to let medical debt deplete your finances. All you have to do to contact us at Tom Bible Law is call (423) 690-7712 today for a consultation about steps you can take. Our team of Tennessee bankruptcy attorneys can work with you to find the best bankruptcy options given your unique financial circumstances. We are located in the Tennessee cities of Chattanooga and Tullahoma.

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