Healthcare and Your Finances: Navigating Medical Debt

Healthcare and Your Finances: Navigating Medical Debt

Medical debt often comes up during the most unexpected times. Right when we think we have paid all our medical bills, another medical bill shows up in the mail or by phone. Over time, high medical bills can add up fast and become increasingly difficult to pay. Many people are left wondering how to navigate and escape their medical debt. Consider consulting with a Tullahoma bankruptcy lawyer about how bankruptcy could be an option.

Ways to Avoid Medical Debt

There are multiple ways to avoid medical debt that may help prevent medical debt from building up to overwhelming levels. One of the most common ways is to obtain health insurance that fits your needs and to figure out what your insurance covers. You can talk to your health insurance agent to navigate what medical providers and medical services are covered.

If health insurance is not an option right now, you can request a cost estimate of the medical service before the service is provided. That way, you can prepare in advance for the medical bill or check other places to compare costs. Some hospitals and medical providers offer financial assistance. Check if your provider does to see if you might qualify for discounts, waived bills, or payment plans.

Check for charity care and nonprofit services ahead of time that might be able to help pay for medical bills. In some cases, this may also cover ambulance bills.

How to Navigate and Escape Medical Debt

There are also several ways to manage current medical debt that might help you lower bills or pay bills off faster. Some medical providers are more likely to work with patients who try to work with them on paying back medical bills. Explaining your financial situation and reasons you cannot pay the medical bill may lead to various debt relief options.

Health insurance might be able to cover medical debt if you backdate medical services before your health insurance starts. You can also appeal health insurance decisions to not cover medical costs. If you think the medical services should have been covered, feel free to file an appeal.

Several medical debt relief options exist like negotiating medical debt payment plans or forgiveness. Check your medical bills for accuracy. You can dispute errors like double billing, services you were not actually provided, coding errors, and cost math errors. Send these concerns to the medical provider, health insurance company, or collection agency.

Various online crowdfunding websites exist along with charities that can help pay medical debt. Loved ones may also be able to help. Consider different bankruptcy options if you find yourself trapped in medical debt with no way out. A bankruptcy lawyer can help you figure out if this option is right for you.

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Dealing with crushing medical debt can feel hopeless at times. Feel free to contact us at Tom Bible Law by dialing (423) 424-3116 for a consultation today about your bankruptcy options related to medical debt. Our legal team of Tennessee bankruptcy attorneys is prepared to help you navigate all your legal options for medical debt relief. We serve clients throughout the Tennessee cities of Chattanooga, Kingsport, and Tullahoma.

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