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Credit cards are a nice convenience. When used strategically, they can positively contribute to your long-term financial health and overall credit score. They can also free you from having to pay cash each time you make a purchase and give you the flexibility to pay over time.

However, when you begin missing payments that little plastic card can start to feel like an anchor weighing you down. If you are struggling with credit card debt and seeking a sound debt relief solution, bankruptcy may be the best option.

At Tom Bible Law, we help individuals and families throughout Tennessee and North Georgia resolve credit card debt by guiding them through Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. With over 18 years of experience and a strong track record of success (10,000+ satisfied clients), our office is known for providing clients with strategic legal advice that empowers them to improve their financial situations.

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Your Bankruptcy Options for Eliminating Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt is sometimes referred to as “zombie debt,” because it never seems to go away. Debt collection services can buy old credit card debt accounts for pennies on the dollar, then go after debtors seeking the full value of the debt. If they secure judgments against you, they can garnish your wages, seize money from bank accounts, and take legal action against you. Filing for bankruptcy not only stops them from taking these actions, but it also resolves your underlying debt problems.

Chapter 7 Vs. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

You have two main bankruptcy options for resolving credit card debt: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Regarding the first of these options, it’s important to know that credit card debt is an unsecured debt, meaning it’s not backed by physical property that creditors can liquidate to pay what you owe. If filed strategically, Chapter 7 has the potential to completely eliminate these unsecured debts, without sacrificing your assets. However, certain financial restrictions that could make you ineligible for this type of bankruptcy, especially if you’re a high earner.

If you do not qualify for Chapter 7 or it is not in your best interests, you may also seek credit card debt relief by filing for Chapter 13. This type of bankruptcy can give you a chance to catch up on payments by giving a manageable course of action to reorganize your finances and decrease the amount you need to pay each creditor. This plan typically involves making one monthly payment over 3-5 years and usually prioritizes secured debts before unsecured ones.

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Success in bankruptcy is not a guarantee. Missteps often lead to rejections, and inadequate preparation could leave you in a financial situation that is only marginally better than the one you started with. Tom Bible Law can give you sound legal advice before and during the bankruptcy process. We can help you evaluate your financial situation, weigh your legal options, prepare documentation, negotiate with creditors and bankruptcy trustees, and fairly represent your interests throughout the duration of your case.

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