Ways to Make Passive Income Online

Ways to Make Passive Income Online

Passive income can be one of the most effective ways to build wealth on the side. Many successful people say that multiple sources of income are how they built their wealth. The internet opens up a plethora of opportunities for building a passive income. However, with more opportunities come more risks for scams. If you have fallen into bankruptcy, then consider asking a Chattanooga bankruptcy attorney for help.


Out of the variety of ways to make money online, the one you may have heard about the most is online surveys. Almost every website recommends taking paid online surveys to make passive income online. The major downside is how time-consuming this can be.

Imagine spending an hour taking an online survey to find out you only made one dollar. When you put this into perspective, this is far less than minimum wage and at that rate, you could probably make more money by working any part-time job. Online surveys can help you build online passive income but be wary of how much money you earn for the time you are investing.

An easier way to earn extra income is through paid online searches through Google Chrome extensions like Qmee. What does is pay people for their opinions through surveys and popular search engines. People can earn money by searching and allowing sponsored results to appear next to their searches.

You could earn up to $10 per website you review with UserTesting. If you review a website within 30 minutes, this could mean $10 per 30 minutes of your time. Some websites offer simple tasks you can complete for various sums of money. Always check reviews to make sure the website is safe to use before giving out personal information.

If none of these options sound right for you and you want more control, consider online selling as an option. Whether you have old collectibles you no longer need or you are into making crafts, there are several avenues for online selling. People can sell on eBay, Amazon, Mercari, Facebook, Etsy, or even their own personal website.


When you want more professionally paid online work, you can always turn to and other websites that list jobs. Since the pandemic, there have been several more options for remote jobs that can be done entirely from your home. From writing to marketing, there are several types of jobs available.

Important tips for applying for online jobs include building a strong resume, having a portfolio to submit, and taking the application process as seriously as any job. The more effort you put into your application, the greater your chances of being hired. This is why making sure the job you are applying for is the right fit for you.


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