Best Tips for Escaping Medical Debt

Best Tips for Escaping Medical Debt

Medical bills are probably the most loathed types of debt out there. Not because of the exchange of services but because of the high prices. Many people are shocked when they find out how much they owe or how much health insurance did not cover. Paying off medical bills takes time for many people. When someone has multiple medical bills, this can easily become overwhelming. Talk to a Chattanooga bankruptcy lawyer if your debt is leading you to bankruptcy.


Whether you are unemployed or struggling financially, you might be wondering what will happen if you do not pay your medical bill. When it comes to paying medical bills while unemployed, you have several options. You might be able to have your medical debt forgiven or decreased depending on your situation.

To have your medical bills forgiven, contact your medical provider or creditor. They will likely request your tax returns and any documents supporting your inability to pay your medical debt. This might mean medical records for those who are disabled or unemployment program records for those who cannot work.

One challenge you could face with not paying medical debt is your medical provider sending your debt to a collection agency. This usually happens within 180 days after your last medical bill. Talk with your medical provider about what may happen.

You can also negotiate lower monthly payments or a lower overall payment. Some hospitals may offer financial assistance through various programs to help you pay off your bills. Talk to them about every option available.


When you cannot have your medical debt forgiven, you have to turn to other options. There are different ways to pay off medical debt that may help. You can talk to charities and financial aid programs.

If this fails, consider crowdfunding online. All you have to do is explain your story to get people on your side. For many people, this works and at the very least, you might pay off a portion of your debt.

There are also tips for lowering medical debt that may work for you. First, avoid medical credit cards or putting your medical debt on a credit card. This runs a high risk of future financial hardship. Never pay the initial medical bill price. Call your medical provider first and ask them if the price can be lowered. Then ask about payment plans.

The key to success with this is being persistent with your medical provider about your financial situation. Explain why you cannot make the payments they want. Eventually, they might settle for less and lower your medical payment. If you give up right away, you could be stuck with higher debt.


No one wants to go into bankruptcy but this may be your only chance when your debt leads to major financial consequences. Feel free to call us at Tom Bible Law today at (423) 690-7712 to figure out what you can do. Our Tennessee bankruptcy attorneys are ready to figure out what options you may have for bankruptcy. You can find us throughout the Tennessee cities of Chattanooga and Tullahoma.

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