Tennessee Job Interview Tips During a Pandemic

Tennessee Job Interview Tips During a Pandemic

Finding a job during a pandemic can be an uphill battle at times. With more and more job interviews being done virtually, many people are having to adjust to interviews through video calls or texts. After waiting months for a job interview, you might find yourself feeling desperate to give the best interview you can. Following a few basic tips might increase your chances. If your job loss has led you to bankruptcy, then consider working with a Tennessee Bankruptcy Lawyer who can help.


Preparing for a job interview is often just as important as what you do during the actual interview itself. Job interview preparation mostly involves practicing, doing research on the employer, and preparing ahead of time for the day of your interview. Whether these preparation tips help you depends on what you choose to do with them.

Not everyone may find this helpful but practicing a mock interview with someone can help ease some nerves. Practice helps your mind warm up to the job interview, so you do not find yourself caught off guard during the actual interview. A mock interview trains your brain to have an idea of what to expect. Any mistakes you make in the mock interview can be corrected beforehand and then avoided during the real interview.

Researching your employer before going to the interview is something many people forget to do. This step is essential if you want to avoid coming across negatively to a potential employer. People who find themselves unable to answer job-specific questions or who fail to ask relevant questions at the end of the interview are sometimes interpreted by the employer as someone who will not take the job seriously.

Preparing ahead of time means finding out the exact date and time of the interview along with where the interview will be held, whether on Skype, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams. Make sure you have all the information like links and passwords ahead of time,


With the interview being the last step to being hired, this is the part where most people panic or have self-doubts. There is a reasonable amount of pressure during a job interview–pressure that can motivate someone to shut down or make the best of the situation. Job interview tips include:

  • Dressing appropriately for the type of job you will do
  • Maintain eye contact when appropriate and speak clearly
  • Maintain an open arms posture rather than crossing your arms in a close off posture
  • Always use examples from your past when asked about skills, strengths, and overcoming obstacles
  • Ask at least one question at the end


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