How to Write a Compelling Tennessee Resume

How to Write a Compelling Tennessee Resume

Writer’s block is not exclusive to cover letters but can also leak into trying to write a resume. The worst part is overthinking what employers want because many people have heard about employers who reject job applications for a simple mistake in the resume. If you are struggling to find a job and fear bankruptcy, feel free to contact a Tennessee Bankruptcy Attorney to see what options you may have.


One of the first steps anyone should take before writing their resume is figuring out which type of resume will enhance your job image the most. The two main types of Tennessee resumes are chronological resumes and functional resumes. You have probably already written, seen, or heard about chronological resumes because they are more common.

A chronological resume is a list of all the jobs you have had starting from your most recent job and going down the list to your first job. If you have too many jobs to keep your resume on one page, then consider only listing jobs that are relevant to the job position you are applying for. This will keep your resume interesting to employers who otherwise may find a long list of irrelevant work experience to be a waste of time.

Functional resumes are backup plans for people with less job experience and more skills experience. These are often used by people with gaps in their work history or irrelevant work experience. What a functional resume does is list out your skills, educational background, training history, and past accomplishments.

Once you choose the type of resume that best fits your situation, the next step is to write the resume, ideally in bullet point format. Avoid long sentences and passive wording. You want your resume to sound confident, so use active adjectives to describe your skills and work experience.


Grammar is everything when it comes to resumes. The last thing you want is to make a major grammatical error on your resume and give off a negative first impression. Following this golden rule and other Tennessee resume writing tips might be able to give you a greater chance at being hired.

One of the most beneficial things you can do to enhance your resume is using concise words instead of a lot of words. If you can replace a few words with one word, then do that. Make your resume look unique by adding unique font types, headers, and lines to divide up your sections.

An ideal resume includes your educational background, name, a summary of your skills, and your work experience from most to least recent. Keep these tips in mind for your Tennessee cover letter.


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