Is Tracking My Spending Really That Helpful When Trying to Resolve Debts?

Is Tracking My Spending Really That Helpful When Trying to Resolve Debts? - Tom Bible Law

Many people wonder whether tracking their spending is really worth the time and effort. Not everyone has the same schedule and some people are far busier than others. Part of deciding whether tracking your spending could make a real difference in your finances involves weighing the pros and cons of tracking your spending. Exploring various ways to track your spending can also help you figure out whether this would be feasible with your schedule and current life circumstances. Feel free to ask a Tennessee Bankruptcy Lawyer for help if you have any questions about bankruptcy.


Ask yourself what the costs and benefits of tracking spending will be for you. Each person will list different pros and cons depending on their unique financial and life circumstances. For someone with a busier schedule, that person may not want to track their spending unless they can find a fast and efficient way to do so. People with lenient schedules and dire financial circumstances might greatly benefit from tracking their spending.

Not everyone will need to track their spending because not everyone struggles financially. At this point, tracking spending can be done as an added bonus but may not result in significant beneficial effects if that person already has their spending under healthy control. People who do not spend much money at all may also not benefit much from tracking their spending.

People who could benefit from tracking spending are those who:

  • Are in dire financial circumstances
  • Feel a lack of control over their finances
  • Desire better control over their spending habits
  • Find themselves losing more than making money
  • Are planning on making a major financial decision
  • Want to create a budgeting plan
  • Just lost their job
  • Have serious financial goals

Write down the benefits of tracking your spending and then the costs. Compare them and see which one outweighs the other.


The good thing about tracking your spending is how many options you have. If you prefer the traditional pen and paper approach, you can do track your spending anywhere. Some people use their checkbooks to track how much they spend each day and they subtract this from their bank account total to track their finances. Others prefer online financial trackers that can be found on the internet, through phone apps, and through computer software.

Monthly expense trackers can be downloaded as templates for Microsoft Excel or through software applications. These programs let you input how much money you spend each day, week, and month to help you keep a log of all your spending that ranges from bills to entertainment expenses. This fast-track way can be helpful for people who need to save time.


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