How Can I Cope with Tennessee Financial Stress as a College Student?

How Can I Cope with Tennessee Financial Stress as a College Student? - Tom Bible Law

Financial stress is something more and more college students are dealing with, both during and after college, especially amidst the pandemic. Stress can disrupt sleep, relationships, and a person’s overall ability to function in life and succeed at work or school. Struggling with this distress for a long time can make people feel like they will never escape and find peace. However, there are ways out. Consider contacting a Tennessee Bankruptcy Lawyer if your financial situation is leading you to bankruptcy.


The effects of Tennessee financial stress can make college students go through a wide range of emotions that go from anger to depression. Emotions like these can be hard to control and difficult to predict, but when they do hit, they can disrupt people’s lives and lead to negative outcomes like relationships and job loss. Different people experience different responses to financial stress with some of the most common responses including:

  • Excessive anxiety
  • Depression and periods of hopelessness
  • Insomnia
  • Social isolation
  • Somatic symptoms like headaches, stomach pain, and high blood pressure
  • Using alcohol or drugs to cope

Whatever you are going through, the two main things to know are that you are not alone and situations like this are almost always temporary. The reality is that responses to financial stress like this can often worsen a person’s ability to manage their finances and may lead to poor financial decisions. This can subsequently lead to more financial stress and so on.

Part of overcoming this is recognizing the cycle for what it is and taking new steps to explore and improve your finances to alleviate some of that stress. Forming Tennessee financial goals is one of the easiest ways you can start figuring out what to do first. From there, you can make a plan for improvement.


Now comes the hard part, actually overcoming your financial stress. There are several ways you can deal with your mental health, but this may not tackle the underlying cause of your distress. Part of overcoming Tennessee financial stress involves seeking help from outside sources.

As a college student, you might have access to more financial resources than others like scholarships, financial aid, and school grants. Do not be afraid to ask for help from your school’s financial aid office. Look into ways to make yourself a strong financial plan and start saving money now.

If odd jobs at your school are available, then take as many as you can without losing control over your education. Figure out how much money you need to have saved up by creating timely financial goals and estimating upcoming expenses. Consider seeking advice from a financial counselor.


Do not hesitate to reach out to our lawyers in Chattanooga, Tennessee and North Georgia if your financial situation has led to bankruptcy. Contact Tom Bible Law today at (423) 690-7712 to talk to a Bankruptcy Attorney in Tennessee for a free consultation. Our team of Tennessee bankruptcy lawyers is located in Chattanooga and Tullahoma.

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