Facing Financial Hurdles? Legal Solutions to Get Back on Track

Facing Financial Hurdles? Legal Solutions to Get Back on Track

Financial hurdles can be stressful to deal with. You may not have to deal with your financial obstacles forever. Numerous legal solutions are available for escaping debt and other financial challenges. Exploring what legal options you may have may start the process of repairing your finances and achieving your financial goals. Start by reaching out to a Chattanooga bankruptcy attorney who can help.

Top Financial Hurdles

Almost everyone can relate to facing some type of financial obstacle at one point in their lives. Exploring some of the most common financial problems may help you start comparing and examining your own. This is the first step to overcoming financial hurdles.

The most common financial problems include debt, no savings, unexpected expenses, job loss, and credit score problems. Over time, these problems can grow into overwhelming financial difficulties, resulting in significant financial stress. You may not have to be burdened by this financial stress if you start finding ways to take back control of your finances.

This involves listing out the financial problems you face and their subsequent causes. Then list out possible financial solutions and narrow this down to the most realistic and practical solutions. Part of coming up with solutions may involve exploring what possible legal solutions are out there for financial problems. Take control of your finances by exploring those options today.

Legal Solutions to Overcome Financial Hurdles

Debt might be one of the most common financial hurdles out there. There are multiple legal debt relief options to consider. Free credit counseling can be used at no cost to you to develop a plan for paying off your debt more effectively. Debt consolidation loans and debt management programs can be used to obtain lower monthly payments with lower interest rates.

Certified credit counselors can work with you to analyze your finances to come up with a custom plan for debt repayment. This includes budgeting, examining various debt relief options, and repairing credit scores. Negotiating lump-sum settlements with creditors can be another option to reduce your debt payments and interest rates.

Bankruptcy is often considered a last resort. Most people worry about the way bankruptcy can lower their credit scores for years after filing for bankruptcy. However, a lower credit score is temporary while the debt bankruptcy can erase could continue building with interest forever.

Some forms of bankruptcy can erase debt while other types of bankruptcy will create a new payment plan with lower monthly payments. Bankruptcy may not be able to erase all debts like child support, student loans, court fines, taxes, alimony, or secured debts. However, there are options to deal with secured debts after bankruptcy like signing reaffirmation agreements with more affordable payment plans.

Contact Tom Bible Law for Legal Aid

You do not have to let yourself be stuck with financial problems forever. Do not hesitate to contact us at Tom Bible Law by dialing (423) 424-3116 for a consultation today about your finances. Our legal team of Tennessee bankruptcy lawyers is prepared to help you navigate the complex legal processes of bankruptcy. We can be found throughout the Tennessee cities of Chattanooga, Kingsport, and Tullahoma.

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