Facing Unemployment: How a Lawyer Can Offer Guidance During Challenging Times

Facing Unemployment: How a Lawyer Can Offer Guidance During Challenging Times

Facing unemployment can feel hopeless when you do not know what your options are. Finding out the first steps you can take after unemployment may help you start bouncing back quicker. Not only that, but you may have more options than you realize with unemployment insurance. Feel free to ask a Chattanooga bankruptcy lawyer about your financial options after unemployment.

First Steps After Unemployment

The first steps after unemployment center around assessing your current situation and exploring your next steps. First, practice self-care by giving yourself a day or so to think about what just happened. Instead of thinking negatively about yourself, list out the skills you feel most confident in and skills you could potentially grow in.

Use this as a starting point to figure out what kind of what you want to do. Compare the skills you listed to jobs available on the job market. This may look like searching for jobs online, in person, through loved ones, asking around, or through career counseling. You could potentially have multiple options for finding new work.

It can be easy to fall into no structure after losing a job. Create your own structure and deadlines by committing to search for and apply to a certain number of jobs per week. Others take a different approach and prefer to set aside certain days of the week to fully commit to job hunting.

Lawyer Guidance on Unemployment Options

You might be wondering how a lawyer can help you with unemployment options. One option a lawyer might be able to guide you through is unemployment insurance. What unemployment insurance offers is a temporary replacement of lost income during unemployment.

However, not everyone may qualify for unemployment insurance due to the strict eligibility criteria. A lawyer can help you assess your situation to determine your eligibility for unemployment insurance. The main eligibility criteria for unemployment insurance are:

  • You are not at fault for losing your job

  • You earned $780 in wages in each of the two quarters in the first 12 months

  • You must be actively seeking new work

  • You must be available to work a new job

  • You must not have failed any employer drug tests

Certain factors can disqualify people from unemployment insurance. Common examples of unemployment insurance disqualifications include quitting a job, being fired for misbehavior, or not accepting job offers. An experienced lawyer can work with you to figure out your options for unemployment insurance.

A lawyer may also be able to guide you through financial planning after facing unemployment. Lawyers can assist with exploring other options for unemployment benefits if unemployment insurance is not available. If you are struggling with debt, a lawyer can help you take steps to escape debt through negotiations or bankruptcy.

Contact Tom Bible Law for Legal Help

You may not have to figure out unemployment alone. Start by contacting us at Tom Bible Law by dialing (423) 424-3116 for a consultation today about your financial options after unemployment. Our legal team of Tennessee bankruptcy attorneys is ready to guide you through the complex processes of working through a financial dilemma. We are located throughout the Tennessee cities of Chattanooga and Tullahoma.

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