How to Survive Inflation in 2023

How to Survive Inflation in 2023

Inflation is something many people dread. Prices go up while paychecks remain the same, making it increasingly challenging to afford the cost of living. You may not have to keep dealing with this. Exploring ways to prepare for increasing inflation and knowing what steps to take might help you increase your chances of successfully navigating through inflation. However, if bankruptcy becomes an issue, then ask a Chattanooga bankruptcy lawyer about your financial options.

Ways to Prepare for Inflation

Preparing for inflation is slightly different than surviving inflation. You may already find yourself in the middle of inflation. If that is the case and inflation is expected to continue to rise, then you might be able to prepare for rises in inflation. There are multiple ways to prepare for inflation that include:

  • Emergency fund

  • Trim extra expenses

  • Try passive income

  • Explore side income

Building an emergency fund during inflation may sound impossible but not if you find small ways to cut extra expenses. These small extra expenses do add up by the end of each month. Start by listing your monthly expenses, then separate the necessary from the unnecessary and then start cutting unnecessary costs.

Do not hesitate to go outside your comfort zone to explore new passive income and side income ideas. The internet is full of ideas and opportunities. Consider working odd jobs or selling things to build your emergency fund. Once the fund is built, you can start focusing on using your money for anything else you want.

How to Survive Inflation

There are multiple ways to survive inflation that might help you in the long run. Some of these may continue after inflation ends and turn into healthy money habits. The most common way to survive inflation is to cut small expenses. This means buying more affordable off-brand products, not buying products unless you need them to live, and exploring discounts.

Find ways to increase your income like asking for a raise, moving to a different job, or using side hustles to make money. If two jobs are possible with your schedule, consider this as an option. You may have to make sacrifices to survive inflation but these might be better than sacrificing credit scores and not being able to buy life necessities.

For those who are retiring or are already retired, inflation can be incredibly frustrating. Inflation may have ruined your retirement plans. There are retirement tips for inflation that can help like:

  • Saving more than spending

  • Making sure debt is paid off

  • Waiting for the right times to invest

Other tips overlap with previously mentioned ways to survive inflation like cutting small expenses and exploring passive income ideas. Only you can take control of your finances. Set financial goals and then find out what is in the way, then explore ways to overcome those barriers.

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