Can I Save and Still Spend Money?

Can I Save and Still Spend Money?

Many people wonder whether they can still spend money on what they want while they are trying to save money. One of the most common struggles with saving money is not being able to spend as much money as usual. At the same time, budgeting strategies might be able to help you find the right balance to save money while still leaving room for spending. However, if bankruptcy becomes an issue, then consider talking to a Tullahoma bankruptcy attorney for guidance.

Saving Versus Spending

Many people think about saving money as something that is always in conflict with spending money. This may not always be true. In some cases, strategies for saving money may actually help you have more spending money in the long run. The first step in this process is to explore your spending habits to better understand your motives.

When you understand your motives for spending, you can start taking control of your spending. Controlled spending does not mean no spending. You will still be able to buy what you want, but you may do so with greater moderation. To understand your spending motives, make a basic list of your typical spending wants and spending needs.

Spending needs are life necessities like food and housing. Whereas spending wants are anything you can technically live without. In some cases, eating out counts as a spending want when cheaper food options at available at home. When making future purchases, you can find this out by asking yourself whether you can live without this item. If so, this is a spending want.

Use this information to identify your spending triggers, whether they be an advertisement or online browsing. You can then start assessing your usual spending habits by adding up your average monthly expenses. Separate these expenses into financial needs versus financial wants. Reflect on the results.

How to Use Healthy Spending

To use healthy spending, savings goals are essential. If you have you reason to save, then there is no motivation to save. Identify your savings goals by asking yourself what you will need to spend money on in the next few months, the next year, and the next five to 10 years. For some people, this may include saving for:

  • A house

  • Moving out

  • New vehicles

  • Paying off debt

Use your savings goals to guide your spending. Start calculating how much money you need saved by certain dates and use budgeting to move toward these goals. Use savings strategies to save more money:

  • Cut down spending on financial wants

  • Explore cheaper alternatives to products you buy

  • Negotiate lower monthly payments with lenders

  • Stick to stricter grocery lists

  • Reduce eating out

  • Use coupons

You can also try ways to increase your income like a second job or selling things.

Call Tom Bible Law for Legal Aid

Sometimes spending can lead to serious financial dilemmas. Start by calling us today at Tom Bible Law by dialing (423) 424-3116 for a consultation regarding your financial dilemma and options for bankruptcy. Our dedicated team of Tennessee bankruptcy lawyers might be able to help you overcome your financial problems through bankruptcy. We serve clients throughout the Tennessee cities of Chattanooga and Tullahoma.

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