Tips for Avoiding Expensive House Repairs

Tips for Avoiding Expensive House Repairs

Certain types of house repairs can cost thousands of dollars. Many people panic when they find themselves in this type of situation. However, there are several steps you can take to prevent expensive home repairs and cut down on repair costs. If you feel like your home repairs are leading to bankruptcy, then feel free to ask a Tullahoma bankruptcy lawyer about your options.


One of the best ways to avoid expensive home repairs is through home maintenance. Practicing annual home maintenance will help you stay on top of minor repairs before they become expensive renovations. Home maintenance involves temperature regulation, windows, roof damage, and water damage.

Look for signs of these common issues and resolve them sooner than later to prevent worse damage. Temperature regulation means checking for any cooling or heating issues. This might mean filter replacements, cleaning, and minor insulation repairs.

Window maintenance means checking for cracks and chips that could worsen with time. Loose or cracked mechanisms like hinges or locks can be replaced for affordable prices. Industrial glue can be used to seal cracks before they worsen and the whole window needs replacement.

Roof damage often first shows itself with leaks. Look for the source of the leak and research affordable ways to make at-home repairs. Water damage shows itself with mold, stains, and loose floors. Ignoring these signs could lead to significant costs later on like wall, roof, or floor replacement.


Cut costs on home repairs by knowing your own limits for making house repairs. Ask yourself whether you could learn how to make the repair yourself or if a contractor is required. When choosing how to finance home repairs, weigh these two options.

Find out how much it will cost you to make the repair while considering the risks of this. Add up the costs of supplies and the time this will take. Compare the costs and time to what local contractors charge to make the same repairs. Shop around for a contractor that is affordable but also reliable. Do not hesitate to compare prices.

If you are unsure which contractor to trust, consider going to your local Chamber of Commerce or State Attorney General for answers. Ask around and research reviews online. Be wary of contractor scams that could hurt you financially and fail to resolve the home repairs.

Common red flags of contractor scams include contractors who pressure you into fast decisions, offer to use surplus materials for lower costs, and demand payments before starting. Be cautious about contractors who try to make financial arrangements for you with loans or other means. Verify the work is done correctly before making your payments.


Unexpected financial disasters can sometimes lead to bankruptcy. Do not panic if this happened to you. Start by calling us at Tom Bible Law today at (423) 690-7712 for a consultation about your financial concerns. Our dedicated Tennessee bankruptcy attorneys can help you figure out the steps required for bankruptcy. We can be found in the Tennessee cities of Chattanooga and Tullahoma.