How to Survive After Losing Your Job

How to Survive After Losing Your Job

Losing a job during difficult financial times can be terrifying for anyone, and the resulting stress from this alone can be crippling. You might be wondering how much time you have left to cover your bills before running out of money. Working through this stress and evaluating all of your alternatives is what might help you find a practical solution. You can also reach out to a Chattanooga bankruptcy lawyer if bankruptcy might be an issue.


Stress caused by job loss can make it hard to recover and think practically. Many people who experience job loss stress may also feel betrayed by their employer, disheartened, and discouraged. Some of these struggles can start hindering someone from obtaining a new job.

Working through this initial stress and loss is important for moving towards the next step of recovery. Start by letting yourself grieve and process the various emotions you might be feeling. Reframe the job loss as a temporary setback in life, not as something permanent. Consider looking into job clubs and job networks to rebuild your self-confidence.

One of the most beneficial things you can do at this time is to assess why you lost your job. Identifying this could help you avoid future errors or behaviors that could lead to future job loss. This can lead to growth in your abilities.

To reduce stress related to financial concerns after a job loss, consider looking into programs. Many unemployment assistance programs are available so know that there are always options when bills start stacking up. Financial assistance is offered by American Job Centers, Disaster Unemployment Assistance, and Unemployment Insurance.

Job Corps offers training and career counselors to those who are struggling to find a new job. The Job Accommodation Network provides similar resources for those struggling with a disability.


Unemployment is not always inescapable. There are several steps you can take to increase your chances of employment. Following various job hunting tips can be helpful for this. Start with examining your skillset and experience. Use this to find out about all the available employers in your field.

Make a list of the types of jobs you could apply for, and use to-do lists to stay on top of job lists, submit applications, and follow up on job opportunities. Networking can also make a massive difference so consider reaching out to old employers, friends, and colleagues.

Be sure to tailor your resume to the skillset required by the job you are applying for. Try to prepare as much as possible for the job interview. Think of questions to ask them and practice questions they could ask you.


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