Best Smart Financial Goals to Set for Yourself

Best Smart Financial Goals to Set for Yourself

Financial goals can come with a variety of benefits. Knowing the kinds of financial goals you want for yourself can be difficult. Learning about some of the most beneficial financial goals might make this process easier. Then steps can be taken to start accomplishing the financial goals you choose. However, if bankruptcy is a concern, then feel free to ask a Chattanooga bankruptcy attorney for help.


Sometimes the most beneficial financial goals depend on your unique financial circumstances. However, there are certain universal financial goals that could benefit almost anyone. These financial goals include:

  • Building an emergency fund
  • Paying off debt
  • Saving for retirement

These are the three most universally implemented financial goals. Most people work on at least one of these financial goals at one point in their lifetime. Retirement is probably the financial goal most people can relate to because most people will go through retirement later on in life.

The financial goal you choose to focus on first depends on what you want and what you think is best right now for your finances. Retirement might not be something you need right now, but building an emergency fund could be. Once you decide, the next step is to turn your chosen goal into a SMART goal.

Using the SMART goal system can significantly increase your chances of success because this makes each aspect practical. SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. For example, if you chose to pay off debt, you would make the goal specific by writing exactly how much debt you want to be paid off by what time.

Goals are made measurable by setting deadlines for each subgoal or step in addition to the main goal. There needs to be a way to track progress on your goal in a practical way. Attainable goals are something you strongly believe you can accomplish in your lifetime.

Realistic means you are adjusting your goal plan in practical ways as obstacles arise. Timely goals have a specific deadline, including steps toward the goal that all have individual deadlines.


There are various financial goal tips that can increase your chances of achieving your goals faster. These also make the overall process easier. First, develop a system that works for you. Whether this involves writing down your goals on paper or keeping up with a digital spreadsheet.

Break your overarching goal into steps that will build up toward your goal. Know what it looks like when you complete each of these steps so you can measure progress. Think about potential obstacles and create backup plans. Remember to prioritize each of these subgoals and your main goal.

Do not give up if you come across failures or setbacks. Revise your goal plan and continue from there.


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