How Remote Work Can Save You a Lot of Money

How Remote Work Can Save You a Lot of Money

Working from home became more common when the coronavirus hit, and people had to find alternative ways to make money. Some people were able to keep their jobs when the companies went remote. Others had to find remote jobs or jobs that were still operating. As a result, many people who did experience remote work wanted more of this. However, if you were not as lucky and have found yourself facing bankruptcy, talk to a Tullahoma bankruptcy attorney today.


Many people discovered how much money doing remote work saves. A study on the economic benefits of remote work supported this. The three main ways people saved money with remote work involved:

  • Housing
  • Commuting
  • Coffee

That last one may sound strange, but the reality is that many workers end up spending $1,100 a year on coffee on the way to work or in general. One benefit of working from home is you do not have the temptation to buy coffee on the way to work. We save so much money by consuming what we already have at home.

Housing becomes more flexible when you do not have to drive to an office. Without having to worry about how far the office is away from home, many people are able to find cheaper housing options. Paying for housing closer to the city can be more expensive.

Working from home also means not driving to work almost every day. Gas prices alone can add up to a hundred dollars or more each month. When you work remotely, you can save a whole week’s worth of gas. By only driving when you need to, you could potentially cut your gas expenses in half.

You might be wondering if any of this really makes a difference financially. It has been estimated that remote work cost savings can go up to $4,000 a year. That means $4,000 less spent on things related to traveling to work and working in an office.


There are also many psychological benefits of remote work that can make work-life less stressful. After all, working in your living room is probably far more comfortable than working in a cubical with a hard desk chair. At home, you can take a brief break, grab a snack, and multi-task.

Some remote jobs involve working at your own pace which means less pressure. Many people doing remote work say they feel more satisfied, less stressed, and more engaged in work. As a result, many people feel less exhausted during any given workweek.

Whether you can do remote work a few days out of the month or every working day, this might be something worth exploring.


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