Ways to Build Your Credit from Nothing

Ways to Build Your Credit from Nothing

You probably already know how important credit is but may not be sure how to build credit from scratch. Doing can feel intimidating. However, there are a variety of tools at your disposal to use to build your credit from nothing. Whether you are first starting to build credit or are in the process of recovering from lost credit, these methods can help. If you have been brought to bankruptcy, consider talking to a Tullahoma bankruptcy lawyer about your options.


The most important thing to keep in mind before jumping into building credit is to not rush into anything. Making sure you know what you will be getting into can help you avoid falling into bad credit. You do not want to find yourself in a deal or payment plan you know you will miss a payment on.

If you do not have a bank account, create one. Having a bank account helps you start building good credit by a longstanding relationship with your bank. Go through your bank to build credit through:

  • Personal loans through your bank
  • Credit cards

When it comes to loans, a credit builder loan can be helpful. This loan is designed to be paid back more easily than other loans. Some credit builder loans require you to pay them off before actually receiving the money from the loan. What this does is ensure you do not miss a payment on a borrowed loan. The loan is already paid off by the time you receive the loan.

secured credit card is another safe option when you have concerns about missing a payment. This type of credit card works in a similar way to the credit builder loan. Banks have people put money into their bank for the total amount of the secured credit card before they can spend that money. You will be limited to this amount. The credit card can be easily paid off since you put the money in the bank to use for the credit card.


There are dozens of other creative ways to build credit other than credit cards and loans. You can build your credit score by reporting your rent payments to credit bureaus. If you know someone with good credit, you ask to be an authorized user of their credit card. This will let you borrow money they help you pay off.

Other cards that build credit include:

  • Student credit cards with spending limits and higher interest rates
  • Store cards

If you are having problems with your low credit score, you can have someone co-sign a loan. This might be hard because if either of you fails to make the payments on time, both parties could be hurt.


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