What Influences Our Financial Decisions?

What Influences Our Financial Decisions?

Knowing what influences your financial decisions is how you can gain control over your money. Not only can this help you gain financial peace of mind, but this might also increase your chances of achieving your financial goals. Being aware of what impacts our financial decisions can also help us avoid poor financial decision-making. However, if financial decisions have led to bankruptcy, then talk to a Tullahoma bankruptcy attorney to explore your options.


Several things can influence your financial decisions. Some of the most common factors that influence financial decisions include age, marital status, employment status, and the number of household members. Certain factors influence financial decisions more than others.

For example, having no job or source of income can have a major impact on what financial decisions a person makes. Someone with a higher-paying job might be more likely to take more financial risks than someone with less income. Age may influence financial decision-making in multiple ways.

With old age may come greater financial wisdom learned from past financial mistakes. Retirement and greater financial stability tend to come with old age. Whereas younger people who are first starting out in the world often find themselves in the opposite situation. Some younger people may have a hard time finding a consistently high income and may have to make more financial decisions to not spend money.

At the same time, people who are younger tend to have less financial experience and may spend money more carelessly. This may lead to unhealthy financial decisions. Many younger people are unmarried, which often means fewer financial responsibilities. Those who are married will not only have to make financial decisions based on themselves but also on their spouse and children.

This is where household size impacts financial decision-making. The more people in the home someone is financially responsible for, the more financial decisions they will have to weigh with others.


There are effective tips for financial decision-making that can help you avoid pitfalls. These include taking a moment to stop and think before making a financial decision, asking questions, and verifying the answers are accurate. Make sure this financial decision has more benefits than costs before going through with the decision.

Lastly, make sure you can reasonably afford or pay back the financial decision. Poor financial decisions are often made blindly and leave a person with no options for paying for the decision. The most important way to track personal finances and decision-making to your benefit is with monthly tracking.

Subtract your estimated monthly expenses from your monthly income. If you have a positive cash flow, meaning you make more than you spend, then you are in good financial standing. The opposite may require different financial decisions.


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