Pros and Cons of Personal Loans

Pros and Cons of Personal Loans

Some people have heard good things about personal loans while others have heard nothing but negative things. When you are deciding whether to go for a personal loan, it is vital to weigh your own pros and cons. Assessing the risks and benefits in the context of your financial circumstances might prevent you from a financial pitfall. However, if your financial situation has led you to bankruptcy, then consider asking a Tullahoma bankruptcy lawyer for help.


The beauty of personal loans is you can use them for almost anything you need them for. Unlike business loans or school loans, you have fewer limitations on what you can use your loan for. Some of the most common things people use personal loans for are:

  • To buy a house
  • Purchase a car
  • Consolidate debt
  • Go on vacation
  • Build credit
  • Buy something very expensive like a motorcycle
  • Remodel your home
  • Start a project

One of the main reasons people request personal loans is to obtain a large sum of money faster. People who need to buy something sooner than later and who cannot afford the high price are those who seek loans. Compared to other loans, personal loans are also provided much faster.

You can borrow up to $100,000 depending on where you are seeking your loan and how good your credit score is. The interest rates are usually fixed and tend to be lower than credit card interest rates.


Before you request a personal loan, there are several things you should know. Some personal loan cons include:

  • You will end up paying more money in the long run
  • Interest rates increase the total amount you owe the longer you wait
  • Loan payments can become a financial burden down the line
  • You may not be able to make loan payments if something happens in your future
  • Your credit score could fall if you fail to make loan payments

The main takeaways are that you will owe more money than you borrow and if you miss a payment, your credit score could drop. A low credit score can lead to other cons like:

  • You will have fewer financial opportunities
  • You might be offered worse financial deals
  • You will have to pay higher interest rates
  • Obtaining a loan can take longer or could be denied

Recovering from bad credit is not impossible. There are several ways you can improve your credit. Paying your bills on time, paying off debt sooner, and avoiding any other debt can all help your credit score. Keeping up with your credit score is part of maintaining healthy credit.


Being stuck with major debt from a personal loan can be frustrating when you have other bills competing for your money. Consider calling Tom Bible Law at (423) 690-7712 for a consultation about what you can do to manage your debt. Our dedicated Tennessee bankruptcy attorneys are prepared to help you explore all your financial options. You can find us in the Tennessee cities of Chattanooga and Tullahoma. Contact us online or by phone today.