The Best Ways to Save Money with Inflation

The Best Ways to Save Money with Inflation

With the challenges of the coronavirus leading to inflation across the United States, many people in Tennessee are probably wondering how they can save money in times like these. The first step is understanding what inflation is and how inflation may affect your personal finances. Once you are aware of how inflation might impact you directly, then you can take steps to engage in money-saving and other financial tips to avoid the effects of inflation. You can also talk to a Tennessee bankruptcy attorney if you are struggling with bankruptcy.


Most people don’t understand how much inflation can affect everyone. Since the coronavirus has led to fewer jobs and smaller profits for various businesses in the United States, pent-up demand has built up for a long time, leading to increased prices to make up for financial losses during the pandemic. With businesses slowly returning, higher prices are supported by the fact that businesses need to regain the money they lost.

This is called demand-pull inflation and this happens when families have been kept from paying for services like going to restaurants for a long time and a high demand develops for eating out. When only so many restaurants are open due to the pandemic restrictions, the restaurant owners will receive a large influx of customers as a result as more people feel the need to go out to eat or receive vaccines. Restaurant owners will increase prices because they know people will still pay for their services due to their pent-up demand.

Increases in the cost of production can also heighten economic inflation. This happens when the costs of materials increase. To resolve this issue, the product manufacturers just add the increase in the cost of materials to the total cost of the product, increasing the price of products in stores. The effects of the coronavirus financial crisis have led to these issues through shipping and mass production problems.


Dealing with inflation can be stressful when you have not had a job for several months or have settled for the first job you were offered due to limited job options. Part of surviving inflation involves putting more of your income into your savings account, but this alone might not be enough.

One way to beat this is by laddering a 12-month certificate of deposits where you loan money for a specific length of time and interest builds up with quicker returns so you can invest in a longer-term certificate of deposits. You can also invest in your retirement plan through your employer where you might receive up to a 10 percent return from the stock market. The more you invest, the more you beat inflation.


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