Top Tennessee Financial Simulation Games to Hone Your Financial Skills

Top Tennessee Financial Simulation Games to Hone Your Financial Skills - Tom Bible Law

With many people graduating high school and college with low financial literacy, many people are looking for simple and fast ways to learn effective financial skills. One way of doing this is trying out financial simulation games that make learning finances more engaging. If you find yourself falling into bankruptcy, then consider contacting a Tennessee Bankruptcy Lawyer to explore your options.


Learning financial literacy in a book or classroom is not as enticing to many people in the new generations as playing a game that also happens to teach financial skills. With an increase in gaming and a decrease in the popularity of reading books, many companies and organizations have turned to creating a variety of Tennessee financial simulation games to remedy the financial literacy problem.

The main goals of a financial simulation game are to teach key financial skills like budgeting, saving money, developing healthier spending habits, and making smart Tennessee financial decisions. What a financial simulation game does is create a miniature replica of real-world situations related to finances. This is a way of practicing financial skills and learning from mistakes along the way without any real-world consequences.

Not having financial literacy skills can hurt people once they enter the real world of bills, loans, credit scores, and making large purchases. A lack of these skills has been known to lead to massive debt accumulation, harmful financial decisions, and major financial losses due to risky spending habits.


Now that you know a little bit about financial simulation games, it’s time to start looking at what options you have. There are dozens of these games out there, some of them free and others that come with a price tag. Some of the most well-known Tennessee financial literacy games are:

  • Spent
  • Financial Football
  • STAX
  • Money Magic
  • Shady Sam
  • Hit the Road: A Financial Adventure
  • Credit Clash

As you can probably already tell by some of the names, each game teaches different financial skillsets. Credit Clash teaches people how to maintain healthy credit scores while Money Magic and Hit the Road both teach ways to budget and save money for long-term financial goals. STAX runs people through 20 years of investing. Financial Football asks financial quiz questions and lets players compete against each other.

Shady Sam teaches people how to manage loans, the financial consequences of falling behind on loans, and what happens if you let a lender take advantage of you. Spent is particularly interesting because this game forces players to learn how to deal with financial obstacles on a low income to give people an idea of what challenges the real world can pose.


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