Ways Student Loans Can Make Life Difficult in Tennessee

Ways Student Loans Can Make Life Difficult in Tennessee

Student loan stress is something almost every college graduate can relate to, especially those who owe large sums of student debt in Tennessee. Monthly repayment plans for student loans can start right after or six months after graduation and they often keep going for decades with slowly escalating interest. Many students feel the pressure of this debt when they first attempt to move out of the house to rent an apartment and pay bills. If you ever find yourself struggling to the point of bankruptcy, then do not hesitate to seek professional assistance from a Tennessee bankruptcy attorney.


Tennessee student loan challenges are not uncommon and can make living difficult for a variety of reasons. For one, the amount of money students often have to pay for student loans each month can make saving up for a house or apartment difficult. This has led many students to be stuck at home with their parents for years. While there are options for how much you can pay each month, saving up for a home by itself can be challenging enough.

Those who struggle the most with repaying student loans tend to also be dealing with other financial responsibilities like house bills, childcare costs, transportation expenses, and groceries. Students with low income struggled significantly more when it came to paying back student loans while dealing with other financial responsibilities. Unexpected financial losses and emergencies like car repairs or medical expenses have also been known to create major financial burdens on those with student loans.

Interest rates are viewed by many students as discouraging when it comes to repaying their loans over time. Many students explain that paying lower monthly payments comes into a stressful conflict with higher interest building up. On top of all this, missing payments or making late payments can negatively impact your credit score which can make buying a car or home difficult.


There are ways you can manage student loans in Tennessee to make life a little bit easier. To avoid delinquent loans, loan payments that are not paid by a certain time, be sure to contact the loan servicer as soon as you can to explain your situation and see what you can do about this. Try not to wait until the last minute to do this.

Making a Tennessee budgeting plan can help manage your finances while paying off your student debt at a faster rate. In some cases, you might have the option of loan discharge or forgiveness. However, each of these comes with specific requirements that you can look into on your loan servicers website.


Paying off student loans while seeking other financial goals is not easy. Consider seeking help from our legal team in Chattanooga, Tennessee and North Georgia if you ever find yourself slipping into bankruptcy. Contact Tom Bible Law to talk to a Bankruptcy lawyer in Tennessee at (423) 690-7712 for a free consultation today. Our team of Tennessee bankruptcy attorneys is located in Chattanooga and Tullahoma.

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