Which Debt Should I Pay First in Tennessee?

Which Debt Should I Pay First in Tennessee?

With all the different types of debt that exist today, figuring out which debts you should pay first can be challenging. If you were a student, you might be facing student loan debts on top of house bills, insurance payments, and credit card debt. Those who are not students have to also balance between paying house payments, credit card debt, medical bills, and other types of debt. Some people may find themselves falling behind so fast that bankruptcy becomes their only option. If this happens to you, do not hesitate to talk to a Tennessee bankruptcy lawyer for guidance.


Prioritizing Tennessee debts is one of the most important steps you can take to avoid falling into a financial crisis like bankruptcy. No one wants to have to file for bankruptcy. Organizing your debts and other financial responsibilities by the ones that are the most important to the ones that are the least important is the first step in this process.

Any debts or financial responsibilities related to housing and food should always come first. The reason is obvious, you need food and shelter to live. Having your house taken away through foreclosure or being evicted if you are renting your home are both real possibilities that can lead to a whole other host of problems. Owing debt on top of going through something like this can make finding a new home that much harder.

Any utilities like water, gas, or electric bills should come next on your list. Missing these payments can mean losing key resources you need to live, and in some cases, resources you need for your job. Auto insurance and car loans are next. Failing to make these payments could mean losing your primary transportation to work. You can probably already guess what goes at the bottom of this list.

Tennessee student loan debt, credit card debt, medical bills, and IRS debt all go at the bottom. The reason being that missing these payments will lead to less severe penalties compared to the ones on the top of the list.


There are several effective ways to pay Tennessee debt. First, try to avoid missing a payment at any cost, even if you have to pay the minimal amount possible. Remain vigilant of errors on your bills and inform your bank if there are any.

With the coronavirus still going on, some credit card companies are allowing people to defer monthly payments, waive late fees, decrease interest rates, and have options when you cannot pay your debt because of the coronavirus. Be sure to call and talk to them about this. You can also talk with a bankruptcy lawyer to explore your financial options.


Paying off debt is not easy when you have multiple types of debt to pay off. Reach out to our lawyers in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and North Georgia if you find yourself close to bankruptcy. Call Tom Bible Law at (423) 690-7712 today to speak with a Bankruptcy attorney in Tennessee for a free consultation. Our team of Tennessee bankruptcy lawyers is located in Chattanooga and Tullahoma.

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