What Are the Best Financial Literacy Books?

What Are the Best Financial Literacy Books?

Reading is not as common as it used to be but brushing up on one or two financial literacy books has been known to dramatically increase a person’s finances. The problem is there are so many different financial literacy books to choose from. This can leave anyone wondering where to start on their financial literacy journey. Finding the best financial literacy boom of all time may not be feasible but finding a few helpful ones might. If you ever find yourself struggling with bankruptcy, do not hesitate to seek guidance from one of our Tennessee bankruptcy lawyers


There are hundreds of effective financial literacy books to sort through, but finding the right one for you really comes down to your own personal decisions and preferences. The top five financial literacy books are: 

·     Broke Millennial by Erin Lowry

·     The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need by Andrew Tobias

·     The Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape

·     The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

·     Money Honey by Rachel Richards 

Whether these books work for you is up to your interests and motivation to start changing your financial situation. These books may not guarantee pure financial freedom, but what they can do is help you come up to speed with financial plans and methods for saving money. Some of these books might be tailored to different people, but the ideas are often universal. 

Simply reading about some of the ideas in these books might spark ideas for ways you can better manage your money. Whether you benefit from the books or not, the only thing you would lose is the time you spent reading the book. Some ideas might seep in while others might not be the right fit for your situation. 


Some people might be wondering why reading about financial literacy is necessary when you can seek other ways to learn financial literacy like online information or apps. Reading about financial literacy is important for familiarizing yourself with the language of finances and how finances work. Even if you do not find the key solution to your money problems, you might find small ways to start improving your finances. 

Financial literacy also increases your own independence by helping you become financially self-sufficient with the chance to finally grab a hold of financial stability. Compared to being financially literate, no financial education at all can make people feel intimidated by tricky financial situations with nowhere to turn. When you know a few financial literacy methods, you will at least have a starting point towards financial success.  


Reading about financial literacy takes time and effort in a constantly busy world. Feel free to reach out to our lawyers in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and North Georgia if you ever have any financial concerns or problems related to bankruptcy. 

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