Easiest Way for College Students to Save Money

Easiest Way for College Students to Save Money

Saving money in college is not always easy with time constraints leading to part-time jobs and odd jobs, expensive textbook costs, lab fees, and other costs related to college life. While some college students can manage to work full-time and maintain a family, many college students only have time for part-time jobs or jobs with even fewer hours like work-study programs. This on top of the temptations to spend money when you are still young can make saving up money for an apartment or car difficult. If you ever find yourself struggling financially or on the brink of bankruptcy, consider calling a Tennessee bankruptcy attorney for assistance. 


One way to save money in college is to find different ways to cut costs. Since college textbooks are so high, this is one of the first and easiest ways to save money. Only buy textbooks if you have to have them after your class ends. Rent textbooks you will only need for one semester and rent used textbooks if possible. If you have to buy the book, go through Amazon or eBay rather than your college bookstore. Buying used books from other retailers can save hundreds of dollars.

In smaller cities, it is cheaper to live off-campus and in large cities, it is cheaper to live on-campus. This varies by university, which is why it is important to check and compared prices. If you cannot afford a meal plan, you can save some money by investing more in ramen noodles, which are the cheapest food option available. Not that you should only eat ramen, but that every once in a while, this can save money. 

You can figure out where else you can cut costs by adding up how much money you make from your part-time job each month and subtracting what you usually spend each month from this. Decide by seeing how much money you could be saving.


There are dozens of other ways to save money that can be exhaustive, but some of the most important ways involve planning your monthly spending, setting up automatic payments to your savings, avoid building credit, and try the no-spend month challenge. 

You can plan your monthly spending with software like You Need a Budget, an online website with a free 34-day trial, that helps you manage your money easily. Setting up automatic payments of $50 or $100 to your savings account each week, every two weeks, or once a month is another effortless option. 

The no-spend month challenge means making a financial goal to not spend money for an entire month on anything you do not have to spend money on. 


Managing finances is one of the hardest things to become accustomed to. Consider talking with our lawyers in Chattanooga, Tennessee and North Georgia for tips on saving money and avoiding bankruptcy. 

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