How to Be the Best Bankruptcy Client Ever

As bankruptcy lawyers, we feel a very strong sense of duty to our clients. We want to do everything we possibly can to help you get back on track and have a successful outcome to filing for bankruptcy. In working with many, many cases over the years, we have found that there are certain things we can all do to make the process go better. This includes things that you can do as a client to help everything run as smoothly as possible.

Characteristics of a Good Bankruptcy Client

Being completely honest with us. There is absolutely no point in trying to hide anything. For the bankruptcy process to work, we have to know about everything when it comes to your debts, your assets, your true financial situation, and more. Don’t forget that lying in connection with a court case is called perjury. If you are found to have lied at any point in this process, you can lose your right to a discharge, or lose the discharge if it has already been issued. Yes, this is serious stuff.

Being organized. This process will go much smoother if you are organized with all of the documentation that will be required. Get your receipts, bank statements, etc. in order before we even meet for the first time. Keep everything in one place — a box, folder, or binder. As we move through the process, add additional documents as needed. Also remember to put appointments on your calendar, maybe even in multiple places (phone and desktop calendar), with reminders.

Providing accurate information. It’s true that a bankruptcy case involves a good bit of documentation and paperwork. From identifying creditors, listing your assets, providing income and expenses to providing information about your financial transactions over the course of two years prior to filing for bankruptcy, there are many important details. If information is left out, or if details provided are incorrect, it will mean going back to fix those problems, thus making the process take longer than it should.

Asking questions. While we are here to guide you, ultimately, this is your life and your bankruptcy case. We love to see clients take ownership for their situation and how they will get out of it. When we meet about your case, ask us questions to make sure you understand everything. Ask about your options, possible outcomes, and what the next steps are.

Being cooperative. We know this is hard. We know you wish you weren’t in this situation. But please remember that we want to help you. We have done this countless times before, and we can do it with you to result in a successful case. This means we need you to cooperate with us on providing information promptly, calling or emailing us back, attending meetings, dressing in appropriate attire, paying fees on time, etc.

Completing necessary counseling. Every debtor filing for bankruptcy is required to complete a credit counseling session before the case is filed. There is often push back on this, and we get it, but it doesn’t change the fact that this is a requirement according to bankruptcy law, and you must submit to it or you will not be allowed to file a case. Conversely, there is a debtor education, or financial responsibility, course that must be taken after filing but before the case can be discharged. If you do not take this course, you will not receive the discharge order we have all worked so hard to get.

As we strive to be the best bankruptcy lawyers we can possibly be, we hope you too will strive to be the best possible bankruptcy client. None of us are perfect, but keeping the above points in mind will go a long way in making sure the process ends in success.

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